Re: Email Subject Lines That Convert

Recently, in the LabCoat Agents Facebook group, I crowd sourced the community for email subject lines agents use that generate the highest open rates for them based on specific occasions. There were some great ones, as well has some very good advice when customizing emails to clients or your sphere. For instance, Jessie Beaudoin, the CEO of CallAction suggested to always use the recipients name in the subject line to make it even more personal. He then went on to suggest that emoji’s help as well. Regina P. Brown said that, “The formula for catchy headlines is: Unique, interesting, sense of urgency. Things that make the curious reader go ‘Hmmmm’ and want to know more.”

Let’s get into some of the subject lines that really stood out in the post:

Subject line: “Bad News.” This one was suggested by Travis Thom. Of course, the body of the email would always be good news. Something like, “I’ve got some bad news. The housing inventory is very low, which means buyers are scrambling to find a home. Fortunately, that’s great news for homeowners.”

Subject line: “Quick Question…” suggested by Barbara Woyak. This one could potentially be used for any occasion. But you’ve got to actually have a question to ask πŸ˜‰

Subject line: “It’s Been a While.” This is one that I use when emailing old expireds that are 6+ months old. The body of the email begins with, “It’s been a while since your home was on the market and it didn’t sell.” I go on to discuss how the market has changed and it may be time to try again, and “I’d like to apply for the job of being your new agent.”

Subject line: “Where did we leave off,” is one that Jo Letwaitis Theodoras uses for unresponsive leads. On the same topic, I like “Did I drop the ball,” for unresposive leads because it puts the blame on you and insinuates you (as the agent) weren’t responsive. Another one I like for this topic is, “Are you mad at me,” which Blair Ballin uses.

Subject line: “I forgot to ask…” is one that Ryan Hartman from Real Targeter uses to follow up with new leads 24 hours after they have registered for your site. The body of the email reads, “I forgot to ask… are you an investor, or are you looking for a home to live in for yourself?”

Subject line: “Look what just happened in [insert town],” is one that Tristan Ahumada uses when sending new listings to leads looking in very specific neighborhoods.

And finally, the subject line that was the favorite in the thread was by Amanda Todd, and it was, “Happy Birthday.” She uses this to send to her database, and the body reads, “I know it’s not your birthday, but I’m updating my database and I’m wondering when it is.”

Try some of these out and I’m sure you’ll see some great open rates and responses.


Nick Baldwin has been in real estate since 2007 and focuses primarily on building relationships with clients and in the Bloomfield and Montclair NJ areas. He still practices Real Estate and has a team with his wife Anne Baldwin. Nick Baldwin teaches and speaks throughout the year at different events, to small groups and larger groups of up to 20,000 people. Nick teaches how to have a higher lead conversion through long-term follow-up and building deep relationships with clients. He also specializes in Facebook Marketing. Nick Baldwin has been married almost a decade and has two children, lives in New Jersey and loves to spend time with his family. He is co-founder of the largest closed Facebook Real Estate group in the United States. His favorite charity is a charity to help stop bullying, primarily cyber bullying. Nick Baldwin's Favorite Quote: Not everyone is meant to make a difference. But for me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option.


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